Gladi8tor Inflight Gaming Platform

Gladi8tor combines gaming and travel and offers new revenue streams to airlines.

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Inflight gaming made possible & profitable

Gladi8tor inflight gaming platform is both a connected gaming platform and a new revenue generator for airlines by combining premium content & entertainment with passenger advertising and innovative in game revenue solutions. Gladi8tor brings competitive, in-flight gaming to airline passengers, thus creating a host of new opportunities for airlines to foster and expand customer loyalty, generate revenue and create branding opportunities for themselves and their partners.

Inflight gaming platform

Gladi8tor works on any IFE system, seatback and mobile. It can run in a connected or non connected environment. This gaming experience comes with games, gaming streams, news and a shop

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Check out all services available on the Gladi8tor inflight gaming platform. to enhance the passenger experience and generating extra revenue for the airline


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